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The roofing of a house is probably the most important part of the building as it is the main part that covers the people residing inside it. Dover Roofing Services offer comprehensive deals to the citizens of Mt. Wolf, PA in order to ensure that their homes are always in impeccable condition. Our team of workers are committed to deliver service that is fast, professional, and effective, whatever the circumstances might be. We believe in hard work which is why we are the best company to hire in the York County area. Here are a few of the services we offer to our very happy clients:

Full Range of Roofing Services

Dover Roofing Services offers the best services in Mt Wolf PA for…


Our main focus is roofing in Mt Wolf, PA and we promise to provide quality coverage to all. There are roughly 600 households in Mt. Wolf which makes it easy for us to keep abreast of what exactly the area needs in terms of roofing construction. We offer services such as roof repairs which usually only take a day, re-roofing which includes replacing the shingles, metal, and rubber, checking for pipe collars, checking for low nails, checking for ridge vents, and checking around the chimneys. We focus on fixing any damage that might have occurred to your roof.


Harsh weather elements do not only have a negative effect on the roof, but it can also cause damage to the siding of a house. We can replace and fix your siding in a flash plus we will be able to help you in making the decision as to which type of siding will be best suited for your home. We can help with the application of weather-proof caulk, installation, repairs, shutters, window capping, garage door wrapping, and many more. We promise to help you make the siding around your house look great again.

Gutter, soffit, fascia:

An important part of roof maintenance is the gutter, soffit, and fascia component. If these areas are damaged or filthy, it could lead to strain on the roof and cause it to take on more damage. The entire foundation of the home depends on the gutter system and if there are dirt or leaves inside, or if it is broken, it won’t do its job. When it comes to these components we will be able to replace the gutters and downspouts, install a gutter guard system, and clean the system as a whole.

Windows and doors:

Since the initial start-up of our company, we have expanded to home improvement and can offer comprehensive services on windows and doors. Our speciality is replacing windows and doors with materials best suited for your home like fibreglass, vinyl, wood, and more! These materials can easily be cut into all shapes and sizes based on your preferences.

We are not an average roofing company, but rather one which chooses to be your partner in home improvement. It would be our pleasure to hear from you, so give us a call today at (717) 266-3643 for an inspection from one of our roofing professionals. We’ll take care of your home or business building in Mt. Wolf, while you sit back and relax, without having to worry about anything at all. Look forward to speaking with you!

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