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Roofing in Hanover, Pa

As your home and other buildings begin to age, you’re going to need professionals to help you with arguably the most important part of your home; the roof over your head! Take a look at some of our client reviews to see what our neighbors are saying about our work.


The beautiful town of Hanover, PA is the second largest town in York County, PA. There are thousands of households in Hanover and we believe that every single resident deserves to live in safe, dry, reliable and secure buildings.

While most people forgot that they even had a roof over their head, water, and other elements may be making their way into your homes.

Dover Roofing Service has been completely perfecting the art of roofing and home improvement services for many years. Since we started our roofing business, our industry has changed dramatically with new standards and advanced technology. But one thing has remained consistent: Our dedication to providing the best roofing and home improvement solutions for your home and business!


We can also perform numerous other home improvement needs to bring your house back to live. Some of our other services include:

The Most Common Roofing Services We Provide Include:

Re-Roofing which is a large construction project and possibly the largest home improvement that a homeowner will have to do in their lifetime. Re-Roofing, or new roof installation, is when we tear off the old roof and put on the new. Many times it’s cheaper and more logical to replace the old roof with a new. If this is your situation doesn’t go with the cheapest roofer in town. Pick a local business that is known for keeping customers as their main priority. Call Dover Roofing Services.

Roof Repairs are common since most people neglect their roof. We mentioned that many people forget that they have a roof over their head. When neglect takes place the life of your roof dramatically decreases and the need for repairs increases. Don’t wait until the next big storm MAKES you give us a call. Have us repair your old roof today.

Emergency Roof Repairs are common in the area with a large amount of summer storms we have and the periods of steady rainfall. A branch from a tree, or a big gust of wind, puts people in a situation where roof repairs can’t wait. When the unexpected happens Dover Roofing is waiting for your call!

Roof Inspections are a common service we offer people who aren’t they type to wait until it’s too late. Some people don’t neglect their roofs and they want us to come out and take a look at their roof to make sure everything’s working properly and maintained. If you think this is you then give us a call today! We have a professional staff waiting by for your call.

Our Service Areas Near Hanover, PA

We have serviced many homes in the Hanover, Pa area. However, we aren’t just in Hanover, Pa. We offer our services to various areas around the Hanover area such as:

  • Mt. Wolf
  • Manchester
  • Dover
  • Red Lion
  • Dallastown
  • Hanover
  • Spring Grove
  • Wrightsville
  • Stewartstown