Your Dover, Pa Roofers

Dover Pennsylvania is one of the larger towns inside York County. It’s crucial that all residents have access to safe and secure buildings. While most people are completely concerned about their grass being perfectly manufactured, they’re also forgetting to maintain the roof over their heads.

Roofing in Dover, Pa

In most cases, it takes a big storm and a lot of rain for most people to remember that they should have been maintaining their roof. It is extremely important that you make sure your roof is up to date and properly maintained.

A poorly maintained roof can lead to thousands of dollars in water damage and in some cases a rotten roof can pose a safety risk. Don’t let your roof get to that point.


Dover Roofing offers some the best roofing services in Dover, Pa. In fact, this is where Dover Roofing began. We have a wide range of services available to suit whatever your needs are to ensure that your roof is the cherry atop your house.

We have a team of roofing professionals who are not only passionate about construction, particularly roofing, but they’re also trustworthy and prompt. You can be assured that our team will treat your home with the same respect that we’ll treat our own.

Our Roofing Services in Dover, Pa

Dover Roofing offers the best roofing and home improvement needs in Dover, PA. Some of our services include:

While we are known for roofing, re-roofing and roof repairs, we also offer many other home improvement services. We know that in many situations a homeowner will want to tackle many projects at the same time to get them out of the way.

While we’re fixing your roof we can also put together a group of our professionals to take care of your siding needs. While we’re installing new gutters we can also give you a free quote for new doors and so on.

Our Services Areas Near Dover Pa:  

We don’t just work in the Dover, Pa area. Dover Roofing Services offers our expertise to various areas around the Dover area too.

  • Mt. Wolf
  • Manchester
  • Dover
  • Red Lion
  • Dallastown
  • Hanover
  • Spring Grove
  • Wrightsville
  • Stewartstown 

Some Common Problems we solve for people include:

Re-roofing or New Roof Installation the main service we offer at Dover Roofing Services. Re-roofing is quite a construction project. If you aren’t familiar with re-roofing, it’s when we tear off the old roof and put on a new roof.

Roof Repairs are extremely common and typically take place after years of neglect. Since many people forget that they even have a roof over their heads, shingles lose their granules, roofs begin to rot and in many scenarios tree limbs and debris damage the roof. In many of these situations, a new roof installation isn’t necessary and we can come out and repair the damaged areas.

Emergency Roofing is a service we offer to residents in the Dover area as well. When that big storm hits and you’re left with extreme damage we will be ready to take your call.