Re-Roofing in York PA

Looking for reliable, cost effective Re-Roofing in York PA? Call Dover Roofing Services at (717) 266-3643 to learn more about how we can help you today!

Re-Roofing in York PA

Re-Roofing in York PA for Homeowners

Many times homeowners are unaware of small roof repairs that they may need. Neglecting to have your roof repaired in a timely fashion may lead to costly damages beyond just your roof. This could end up costing you more than if you would have repaired it initially. No matter the type of roof you may have (Shingles, Metal or Rubber), the key factor is to check your roof on a regular basis and take notice of any slight changes. If at anytime you do notice a slight change, Call Dover Roofing Services in York PA and schedule a free estimate. Have one of our experts give you a professional roof inspection to be sure there are no underlying issues.

Re-roofing has been part of our working order for many years and we offer unbeatable prices compared to our competitors in the area. When there is a roof that needs to be redone we will come out to do a thorough inspection of the property to see what exactly it is that we have to work with. Planning ahead is one of our most important aspects of work. During the inspection we will check to see in what state your roof is, if your shingles need work, if there are any loose nails, and check the ridge vents.

Our Promise to YOU

Dover Roofing Services offers comprehensive roofing service to the citizens of York, PA. We are a company that commits to caring for your roof until it has been fixed and restored to its former glory. Our team of specialists have had many years in the roofing industry and have experience that no amount of money can buy. As part of our mission statement, we make a promise to each and every client that our work is 100% honest, ethical, and of a high standard. We are GAF certified and we ensure that all the materials we use are of the best quality.

Dover Roofing Services will ensure that your roof remains in good condition by routine maintenance. Our company will offer an upfront, honest evaluation of your roofs condition and the repairs you may need. Our roofers have the expertise to ensure your roof provides the protection needed.

Our Service Areas

Dover Roofing Services offers our expertise in Re-Roofing to various areas throughout York PA.

  • Mt. Wolf
  • Manchester
  • Dover
  • Red Lion
  • Dallastown
  • Hanover
  • Spring Grove
  • Wrightsville
  • Stewartstown  

Our Vision

Our commitment to our customers is most important to us. Dover Roofing Services has been the top provider in Roofing solutions and expertise in York PA for over 30 years! The work done on your home is done as if it were our own. Our dedication to our customers satisfaction is the key to our success. Join the many satisfied customers and give Dover Roofing Services in York PA a call today! Don’t wait until the issue turns into a disaster. Dover Roofing Services “ The Affordable Choice in Roofing”.

Looking for reliable, cost effective Re-Roofing in York PA? Call Dover Roofing Services at (717) 266-3643 to learn more about how we can help you today!