Just like the medical industry, In the roofing industry we meet all different types of people. While there may be some similarities, it seems as though each customer has a different situation and a different question regarding the roof that covers their home. Just in our town of York, PA we seem to get a new question every day. We’ve put together what we believe is the most frequently asked questions for your convenience. 

1.   Q.  What is Ridge Vent?

A.  Ventilation for your roof peak. Ridge vent is not necessary in most cases if the home has gable vents.

2.   Q.  What is felt paper?

A.   It is the underlayment. This protects the roof decking.

3.   Q.   What is roof decking?

A.    Roof decking is the plywood that covers your roof top.

4.   Q.  What is drip edge?

A.   Drip edge is the metal along the eves and gables

5.   Q.  What is a pipe collar?

A.   It is the collar that protects the ventilation pipe on roof.